We are a team not only in preserving the beauty of your days - Kamila and Marcin Techmanski 🥰.
We live near Krakow - we photograph all over Poland and Europe.
Kamila loves French tea and I love Neapolitan espresso, oily from strong roasting, and we both love Italy and that's where we can realize your outdoor ♡ 🇮🇹

On that beautiful day, Marcin or Kamila can be with you, but also, we can be together.


We photograph unobtrusively, without changing the natural course of things.
We do not instruct or correct - we love the actual course of events and in it we see the greatest beauty.
Our plein air shoots are actually walks through places where you feel comfortable. It is your hands, smiles and kisses that we keep for you forever.


it is in love that beauty is born


Wedding plein air in Italy


An outdoor wedding in Italy is our additional suggestion.
We love Italy and we are there about two months a year just for the plein air (spring, summer and autumn).
Everything is prepared simply and conveniently.


Karolina and Luke

I'll honestly admit that we weren't looking for a photographer for our wedding for long, we saw Marcin's photos first and knew we could end our search right from the start 😁

First of all, we immediately felt as if we knew each other not from today. The atmosphere was great, lots of laughter and joy. Martin at the party is "invisible", so everyone could feel at ease 😊

And the photos. exceeded our wildest expectations, they are simply beautiful. I am enchanted by them. I couldn't dream of more beautiful ones.

Joanna and Christopher

An excellent photographer and a very pleasant person to deal with. His work is passion combined with professionalism, which is reflected in the photos taken. The personal approach to the client is also a great plus.

Thanks again for your cooperation Marcin!

Sandra and Simon

When choosing a photographer, we did an in-depth research considering about 20 professionals from the area. Marcin's photos definitely stood out from the rest with their unique atmosphere. In his reportages, in fact, each photo has something important to say. It was important to us that our photographer capture the truth and not idealize. We didn't mean to have photos of absolutely everything colored with the samefilter, or of all the guests with perfectly smoothed faces, depicting some alternative reality, but to interpret and tell this "reality" - this is the difference between the work of someone who simply operates a camera and that of an artist. We received an unearthly beautiful and engaging photo essay - a unique souvenir for a lifetime.
We highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates good storytelling, artistic vision and capturing the truth in style.

Pauline and Jacob

Thanks to Marcin's great eye, we have a wonderful reportage of our beautiful day - Marcin is at work an unobtrusive observer when needed, but he can also, if necessary, perfectly relax the atmosphere among the guests or calm the stressed bride and groom themselves. The photos beautifully reflect how we ourselves experienced the day and often stand out from other wedding reportages with a touch of artistry, catching such details that we wouldn't have noticed on our own, a different look. We definitely knew what we were doing when we invited Marcin to photograph during our day and we are very happy with the end result!

Ola and Jasiek

A man with passion, a man with a calling! Great man!!! I recommend with a clear conscience, it was a real honor to have Martin at your wedding 😍

{edit} this honor, it was especially for me! It was a great day ❤️🔥

Magda and Peter

Marcin's style of photography focuses on the fleeting moments, the little things that you simply don't pay attention to during the wedding and reception. Thanks to this, after the stress, at home, you can enjoy photographs taken with passion, which capture the essence of the moments experienced. It is a great pleasure to work with him, because he is a professional who approaches each person individually. This allows you to bring out the true emotions in the photos, while getting rid of artificiality and restraint. Our positive experience of co-creating memories together with him does not allow us not to recommend him. Because there are many wedding photographers, but those who really have passion and pour their commitment into each frame are few, and one of them is precisely Marcin.



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Martha and Matthew's private wedding ceremony. Privacy, beauty and sensitivity. A marvel!

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Wedding reportage where "you see tenderness in the eyes and sincere joy in the guests."